#PrzyrodnikOnline: Determinants of tropical butterfly community dynamics

Section of Tropical Biology and Natural Sciences Club of the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań had pleasure to invite you to the next meeting in the #PrzyrodnikOnilne series! 🌿🔬

This time, using the ZOOM platform, we had the opportunity to listen about tropical butterflies. Our lecturer was dr. Freerk Molleman🦋🌴

“Tropical eco-systems experience little seasonal variation in temperature and often modest variation in rainfall💦☀️, allowing insects to be active year-round. To determine to what extent insects may still be seasonal in tropical forests🌴, and gain insight into what may drive their population fluctuations, I monitored fruit-feeding butterflies and collected data on their biology.”🥭

The lecture was delivered in English. 🇬🇧

🔬 When? January 14th, 06:00 p.m.
🔬 Where? ZOOM platform
🔬 Topic? “Determinants of tropical butterfly community dynamics”

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